1. Disinfection- chlorine versus salt

    Those seeking an alternative to the use of chlorine as a traditional water disinfectant, might choose salt water systems for their backyard pools. Salt water pools are not the same as swimming in the ocean and still rely on chlorine for their sanitation. Left untreated, pool water soon turns green a…Read More

  2. Outdoor Furniture Trends

    As we transition to spring from fall, it is not too soon to start thinking about the latest outdoor furnishing trends for 2018. Clients are starting to think about their outdoor spaces like another room and are spending more of their budgets outside when undertaking outdoor aquatic expansions where …Read More

  3. It Is Easy Being Green

    When we analyze a client residential outdoor project at IVY STUDIO, LLC, a landscape design consulting firm based in Massachusetts, we always examine environmentally sound design options through our selection of sensitive design options. This is true when it comes to aquatic focal point features lik…Read More

  4. Our Business Model

    IVY STUDIO LLC, an outdoor design and build business based in Massachusetts has redefined traditional outdoor expansion project methodology. • Our mission statement- to provide outstanding client centric focus and attention to detail for outdoor environment expansion from design concept through pr…Read More

  5. When Size Matters

    At IVY STUDIO LLC, a landscape design and build firm based in Massachusetts, we are redefining traditional pool and spa building methodology. We are often called on to consult with clients about their dream pool and spa projects for their residential properties. With the current trend in downsizing …Read More

  6. The Devil is in the Details

    Professional project management and oversite, is a hallmark of our total client commitment to excellence here at IVY STUDIO LLC, a Massachusetts based outdoor design and build firm that has redefined traditional outdoor design and implementation methodology. Complex outdoor expansion projects with h…Read More

  7. Intelligent Design

    What is intelligent design? And how do you best convey conceptual ideas into a compelling design? These are the questions that the landscape design professionals at IVY STUDIO, LLC based in Massachusetts grapple with on a daily basis. A good outdoor design needs to exude more than just sheer beauty.…Read More

  8. Open The Door To New Possibilities

    Extended living space for expanded living. Designing your outdoor expansion project deserves the attention of a talented design professional. What is a truly brilliant outdoor expansion design? It must be more than beauty. If it isn’t functional, if it doesn’t serve you and the way you enjoy liv…Read More