1. Pool and Spa Safety

    Every year thousands of American Families face the unimaginable- swimming pool drowning or near drowning fatalities. The majority of deaths and injuries in pools and spas involve young children between the ages of one and three and take place in residential pools and spas. These tragedies are avoida…Read More

  2. Project Management Included

    One of the services we include at IVY STUDIO LLC a landscape design firm based in Massachusetts, is project management of your outdoor project. Maintaining the design integrity through project implementation and completion is one of the most difficult challenges in any outdoor expansion projects. Wh…Read More

  3. Complex Outdoor Projects

    Let there be no doubts that undertaking an outdoor aquatic project with a pool and spa as the focal point of your expanded outdoor environment is a complex undertaking. There are many moving parts to a project of this type and managing the client’s expectations is the key to a successful outcome o…Read More

  4. Responsive and Adaptive Outdoor Kitchen Design

    When planning and designing outdoor expansion projects, most likely the design professional is tasked to include outdoor kitchens in concert with other hard and soft scape features. Today’s homeowners and gourmands demonstrate an appetite for lifestyle preferences that effortlessly transition from…Read More

  5. Passionate Design Ideals

    You cannot teach individuals to have passion. But, you can hire a team of design professionals who all exhibit passion. Our overarching goal is to turn this passion into reality. Here at IVY STUDIO LLC, a landscape design consulting firm based in Massachusetts, our design professionals have passion …Read More

  6. Latest Trends in Landscape Design

    At IVY STUDIO LLC, a landscape design consulting firm based in Massachusetts, we focus on expanding your outdoor spaces and incorporate landscape designs into the overall project. As such, our design professionals keep abreast of the latest trends in garden and landscape designs and we will highligh…Read More

  7. How to Plan for Your Pool and Spa Project

    Undertaking an outdoor pool and spa project can be challenging and it is therefore highly advisable to seek out the help of a professional design firm that has experiencing designing and building pools and spas as part of an expanded outdoor environment. Usually, these type of projects are complex a…Read More