1. The Color Of Water

    The color of water is a critical design element to the selection of your pool’s interior finish. How do you know what is right for you? The actual water color is influenced by natural refraction as well as the primary color of the interior finish selected. First, you need to decide whether you wan…Read More

  2. Come Gather Around

    Why is it that people are naturally attracted to the flames from a fire place or firepit? Fire has since the dawn of the ages played a significant role in the evolution of the species and has always had a mesmerizing effect on people gathering around it's radiance, warmth and mood altering hypnotic …Read More

  3. Cold Water Plunge Pools

    Why should you consider a plunge pool for your outdoor environment? Plunge pools are smaller than normal pools and as such are shallow pools that use less water than conventional pools. Generally less expensive to build than conventional pools, also more economical to maintain and versatile due to t…Read More

  4. Your Personal Landscape Palette

    Creating an ideal landscape design with trees, shrubs and planting is like creating a painting. You start with a blank slate and then work with a selection of paints and other media and create a masterpiece that incorporates a complex palette of texture, color and seasonality. With a landscape this …Read More

  5. Discipline Desired

    Ever had an idea in your mind, but were unsure how to take it to reality? This is often the case when clients consult with us about expanding their outdoor environment. A tree here, perhaps a walkway there, a pool or not? These are a set of complex questions that require a serious analytical review …Read More

  6. Rain, Rain- Go Away

    Another week- more rain ahead! This picture is starting to get old, and the only beneficiaries are our lawn and gardens who are loving the constant rains promoting their growth and wellbeing. Seriously, with summer temperature bound to return soon, now is the time to plan your next outdoor expansion…Read More

  7. Mother Nature And Human Nature

    How do you blend the two competing interests of Mother nature with an understanding of human nature when it comes to landscape design? Typically, an understanding of the site you are working with will lead the way. No matter the size or the condition of the site, let it dictate the way to move forwa…Read More

  8. Happy Summer!

    It is hard to believe that we are now into June. Where did the Spring go? It seems that living in the Northeast, spring is now the “forgotten season” transitioning from a long and protracted winter into summer, which should be arriving any day now! With the advent of summer, it is time to dust o…Read More

  9. Listen And Learn

    Have you ever thought about expanding your outdoor environment? Where to start and what will you end up with? These are the types of complex issues the design professionals at IVY Studio are trained to deal with, analyze, come up with a set of solutions and implement. Careful listening to what you a…Read More

  10. Design Checklist For Pool & Spa

    There are some inherent challenges to building a gunite pool and spa, so before you begin the process, our design professionals at IVY Studio, an aquatic design/build consulting firm based in the greater Boston metro area have compiled a basic guideline checklist for your consideration before meetin…Read More