1. Peace Of Mind

    The devil is in the detail- no more so than when it comes to the implementation phase of our process of planning, designing and implementing. Our practice focuses on expanding residential outdoor environments in the greater Boston metro area where we engage with clients from concept through completi…Read More

  2. Guest Parking Included

    When one enters a residential property, the journey begins from the approach through the transition to the front door and beyond. Our design professionals work with what the land has to offer and looks at both human traffic patterns as well as vehicular patters. It is particularly pleasing to have g…Read More

  3. Unfolding A Mystery

    Not everything has to be revealed when first entering a property and there should be a degree of mystery when first approaching and then upon entering a property and moving through the landscape. Creating a sense of drama is exciting for people first coming into the property that reveals itself in s…Read More

  4. More Than An Outdoor Space

    Outdoor dining options have become a lot more popular with expanded outdoor environments. There is nothing more pleasant than being with Family and guests eating a beautiful meal outdoors on a glorious summer day or evening, embracing the warmth of friendship and weather, not to mention a refreshing…Read More

  5. The Magic Of Fire

    Seating areas often serve divergent needs and purposes. They must be designed with a view to sizing them appropriately with the group who will be using them. Some are intended where people and groups cluster, others for no more than a few individuals. There is no more magical seating area than aroun…Read More

  6. Let’s Get Personal

    Let’s face it, design is very subjective and personal. We all exhibit different stylistic traits and preferences based on our unique history, life experiences and influences of those with whom we grew up. As design professionals at IVY Studio, a landscape design and build consulting firm based in …Read More

  7. Redefining Pool And Spa Design

    When considering a pool as part of your outdoor expansion, careful consideration needs to be given to the placement thereof and its relationship the home and the rest of the landscape surrounding it. The pool deserves a prominent position on the property, not necessarily where it will dominate the o…Read More

  8. Bringing Ideas To Life

    The newest trend in the design industry is the ability to harness three-dimensional real time computer generated graphics that capture design elements from different angles and perspectives. We are now able to show perspective renderings that are vivid and not only to scale and size but more importa…Read More

  9. Ladies And Gentlemen- Start Your Engines

    With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, not only does this coincide with the start of the Indianapolis 500 motor race, but also the start of the growing season for vegetable and other gardens in the North Eastern part of the country with the potential for frost now finally in the rear-view mirror…Read More

  10. History’s Lessons

    One of America’s earliest landscape designers, Andrew Downing wrote two seminal books about houses in the late 1840’s and early in 1850. Both were aimed at young citizens of a new nation and discussed elements of how to house themselves comfortably, efficiently and aesthetically. In essence, how…Read More