1. Blending Design Elements

    To create a beautiful residential landscape, many elements need to blend perfectly. We look at the convergence of flair and functionality and creating holistic solutions where the landscape represents natural conditions, coexists and enhances the home architecture and importantly, enhances the user …Read More

  2. Staying On The Level

    Looking at a property and assessing the potential thereof requires a keen eye and a sense of the possibility. The meandering to the house requires sensible transitions and this means informality in the landscape punctuated with formality as you approach the entrance and then fading to a more naturis…Read More

  3. Seating And Gathering Areas

    To fully embrace and enjoy the outdoor environment in your home, you need places for seating and areas for congregating. To adequately design these spaces, two main questions need to be addressed. Where should these be located and for what purposes are they created, meaning, what do the users want t…Read More

  4. The Pleasures Of Outdoor Dining

    For many people, outdoor dining is one of the pleasurable aspects of summer life. When the weather is accommodating and pleasant, family and friends can congregate and share a meal al fresca in touch with nature and the elements. Depending on how they wish to outfit the facilities, they can now enjo…Read More

  5. Making An Impression

    To take in and appreciate the overall feeling of a home, the tone is set the minute one steps onto the grounds. This entry and moving though the property conveys a lasting impression on the participant. It conveys what the home is all about, it’s character and how it coexists with the natural sett…Read More

  6. The Element Of Surprise

    A key to good design principles is spacial quality. Parts of the landscape need to function like separate rooms, connected with a unified design theme. Equally important, is the notion of movement. How does the landscape accommodate motion? A property needs to convey a sense of arrival and along wit…Read More

  7. Adding A Pool And Spa To Your Outdoor Oasis

    Are you thinking about adding a pool or spa to your outdoor environment? If so, look no further than connecting with our aquatic design professionals who can impart a wealth of knowledge, ideas and inspiration working with you in designing and implementing that perfect pool or spa as a focal point t…Read More

  8. Rain, Rain, Go Away

    We cannot seem to break the raining spell just yet with another rainy forecast for the duration of the week. While that is good news for plant and grass growth, it does not help with the construction schedules or the general malaise of post winter stress syndrome. Fear not, warmer climes are on the …Read More

  9. Closed Loop Design And Build Solutions

    Do you want to engage with a design professional that also controls all phases of the implementation with the intimate knowledge of the design evolution and the homeowners? If so, with the obvious benefits attendant thereto, look no further than working with our firm of design professionals, skilled…Read More

  10. Divine Design

    Some key elements to a good outdoor design embrace the basic tenant that the house must coexist with nature and create a natural connection thereto. This basic tenant drives the creative team at IVY Studio, a design and build consulting firm based in the metro Boston area that focusses on expanding …Read More