Landscape Design

Landscape design helps ensure that the outdoor spaces on your property are functional as well as aesthetically appealing. If you want these areas to be used optimally, you should hire the services of a good landscape designer for the job. They will understand what your ideas and preferences are, and then design landscape plans that work perfectly for you. When everything is planned well and is demarcated methodically, you will also be encouraged to use these spaces more than you usually would. Read more about our Landscape Design services to find out how Ivy Studio can design an upscale landscape for your home or business.

Landscape Installation

Getting a landscape designer to provide plans is only the first part of the entire project. You will have a great-looking and functional garden and patio design only when all the features of the property are installed well. Good installation is a lot about using the right kind of materials and top-notch workmanship. Only a skilled and experienced company will focus on maintaining high-quality standards in their work in a consistent manner. Read more about Landscape Installation to learn about our Canton, MA landscaping firm.

Backyard Drainage Solutions

Pooling of water in a landscape is a common problem many property owners have to deal with. When water collects in any area of your garden or yard, it damages the features- so you may find that your lawn is getting ruined or that masonry features such as retaining walls or the paved areas are getting impacted and deteriorating. When the landscaping design company plans site drainage, they ensure that the grading of the land is right and that various drains (surface level as well as underground) are planned and installed. This helps carry the water away from the property in an effective manner. Learn how backyard drainage solutions can help keep your yard in tip-top shape.

Outdoor Living Ideas

If you have a yard and garden on your property, you may want to explore various outdoor features to enhance it. There are a number of features that add to the attractiveness and value of your home. You can choose from structures such as an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace/custom fire pit installation, pergolas, arbors, gazebos, and more. The idea of getting these elements designed and installed is to ensure these spaces can be used to spend quality time. We focus on creating well-designed outdoor living spaces that fit the theme and style of your home while using the best materials and landscape architecture practices. Learn how our landscape architects can help create gorgeous outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ’s

Custom outdoor kitchens are an excellent addition to your home. These built-in grills and countertops can be as elaborate or simplistic as you want them to be. You have the option to choose between counters of various types such as L-shaped, U-Shaped, parallel, single or with a backyard kitchen island based on the available space and your personal preferences. You can also choose to get a built-in BBQ added to the setting and it becomes the perfect space to relax and entertain friends. You will find that you end up using these outdoor spaces much more when you have a well-planned backyard kitchen and a good BBQ space. Learn about Ivy Studio’s outdoor kitchen designs.

Backyard Water Features

Adding a backyard water feature to your property is one of the best ways to create a very unique and alluring look to your home. There are a number of features to choose from such as fountains, rock waterfalls, ponds, streams, etc. The kind of water feature you opt for will be dependent on what your specific preferences are and how much space is available at a particular spot. There are times when people prefer to have a pondless waterfall or small koi pond. As landscape architects, we can design and build just about any water feature you can think of that fit your personal style. The idea is to create stunning masterpieces that will complete the look of your landscape design. Learn more about custom water features from Ivy Studio.

Swimming Pool Design & Custom Spas

The one way to add the luxury quotient to your property is to add a feature like a spa or a swimming pool to it. We can provide swimming pool and spa design plans that are tailored to match the preferences of our customers. We take the effort to understand your requirements & then provide solutions that match your ideas and wishes. We handle everything from design to installation and use high-quality materials such as pool pavers and tiles that will be able to withstand the climatic changes and outdoor elements. Learn how a gorgeous custom swimming pool design will add value and luxury to your backyard.

Natural Boulderscaping

Landscaping design adds a very natural beauty to your property. Making it look unique is a lot about adding elements that are specially designed to blend in well with the existing environment, which helps to create a whole “look” that is stunning in every way. We provide excellent, customized boulderscaping and hardscaping solutions – these are artistically placed boulders and stones that add a very grand look to your garden or yard while looking completely natural and organic. We may use different types of boulders and rocks set in mortar or the features may be dry stacked as well. Learn how natural stone landscaping can enhance the beauty of your garden or yard.

Architectural Structures, Pergolas, & Arbors

Once the main hardscaping and softscaping have been planned, our landscape designers understand that you may want certain features such as architectural structures, arbors, or pergolas. These structures are perfect for yard spaces that are underutilized. There are times when you might not really want to install a more solid and permanent structure like an outdoor kitchen; these custom pergolas and arbors are the perfect solutions. Since these are simple in design, they blend in perfectly with most landscaping concepts and themes. Learn about Ivy Studio’s pergola design and landscape architecture services.

Paver Patios, Pathways, Driveways

The outdoor spaces on your property are exposed to the elements and this means the materials that are used in their installation must be able to withstand the climatic changes. The one way to ensure that your driveway, pathways, and patios stay looking good and last for a long time, is to opt for paver flooring, which is stronger and more durable than poured concrete. You can choose from concrete pavers, brick pavers, or natural stone pavers. These are all low maintenance, easy to install and add to the attractiveness of your property. Paving stones add to the longevity of the installation as they are extremely hardy and long-lasting. Maintenance is easy and they are extremely cost-effective too. Read more about our patio paver installation services.

Retaining Wall Design

These specially engineered walls have to be built at points in your landscaping where you feel the soil needs a certain amount of support. There are times when the land is graded and you want to install new features on your property. This is when you excavate some of the spaces and build custom retaining walls there. These could be made of concrete, natural stone or even bricks. These walls are very different from regular walls and they can also be designed with seats and wall planters incorporated into them. Learn how a beautifully designed retaining wall can complete your backyard landscaping design.

Concrete Stamping & Concrete Finishing

We provide excellent concrete and concrete finishing services such as Microtoppings, Spray-Down, Stampable Overlays, Self-Leveling, Underlayments etc. There are a number of techniques we use to resurface concrete and restore its beauty. These techniques are ideal for spaces such as driveways, pathways and walkways, patios, decks, entranceways and more. These concrete finishes add a unique appearance to your property and you can create the kind of look you want. Concrete is a very hardy element and we use high-quality materials to ensure your flooring and concrete finishing will last for a number of years. Learn about our concrete design services to enhance your backyard.

Masonry & Stonework

Masonry is an essential aspect of landscape design. Stonework and masonry are referred to collectively as “hardscaping”. As part of these hardscaping services we focus on retaining wall design and build, paver driveways, pathways and walkways, fireplaces and outdoor fire pits, outdoor kitchen walls, planters, garden steps, edging and curbing as well as dividing and boundary walls. The custom stonework elements can also include stone paving, garden seating, custom rock waterfalls and other decorative features. Learn more about our hardscaping design.

Fire Pit & Fireplace

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are features that many property owners like to install on their properties. These could be made of natural stone, brick, or even concrete. The latter could be clad with brick and stone veneers to give them a more natural appearance. We provide custom fire pit design and fireplace design and ensure that the best and most hardy materials are used in the work. This adds to the longevity of the structures and makes maintenance easier too. Read more about Ivy Studio’s custom fire pit design services.

Outdoor TV, Audio and Entertainment Systems

In addition to installing custom outdoor kitchens, you may consider installing an outdoor entertainment area. If you enjoy hosting parties or want to watch games, programs and movies even as you relax on your deck or patio, you will require a very good outdoor entertainment system. We choose the very best products for your needs and make sure they’re installed appropriately. We always recommend that you invest in high-quality products at the outset as poor quality devices would only require regular replacement. Learn more about patio entertainment options.

Ambient & Landscape Lighting

Properly planned and expertly installed outdoor lighting improves visibility and allows you to navigate across the backyard safely. In addition, it adds to the security of your property and enhances the beauty of the landscape too. We consider outdoor lighting design to be one of the most vital aspects of landscape design. We use various energy-efficient lighting elements to brighten stairs, paths, walkways and other areas The right kind of lighting helps to add to the allure of your yard and garden and value to your property too. Learn about backyard and patio lighting design.

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