Most homeowners like to focus on creating comfortable, functional and attractive places on their property. This is why they hire Massachusetts landscape designers to provide them various outdoor living plans and designs. Your garden and yard can be used optimally if you have the right kind of features installed. This is where Ivy Studio, your trusted eastern Massachusetts landscaping design experts, comes in.

While there are a number of features that customers want to install on their property, the two most popular elements are outdoor kitchens and built-in grills or BBQs. We have the expertise and the knowledge as well as the resources to provide excellent solutions to our customers. This is how we design and install these features:

Outdoor Kitchens

This is the perfect backyard living feature if you want to add to the functionality of your yard. In most instances, customers ask us to build these kitchens either on their patio or deck. Depending on your preferences, these could be semi-enclosed features or open-air. An exterior kitchen in your backyard automatically expands the living space in your home and becomes the perfect spot to relax with your family and friends. As part of this project, we handle design and installment of:

  • The paver flooring
  • Construction of half-height retaining walls or dividing walls
  • Building kitchen counters- L-shape, U-shape, parallel, with ‘or without an island etc.
  • Space for various kitchen appliances like a gas stove, BBQ grill, refrigerator, chiller and more
  • Many people like to have fireplaces in their kitchens as well, while others prefer to get fire pits. Both these features add to the warmth and comfort of the space and you are able to use this area even during the winter without having to worry about the cold
  • Addition of mood lighting and music elements
  • Type of fuel required and the plumbing for it, if required

BBQ’s – Design And Install

We have extremely skilled designers on board and they know exactly how to add custom designed grills to your outdoor kitchen. We use the highest grade materials in our work and ensure that skilled hardscape construction professionals are deployed for the job. The priority is to create spaces you will love to use and entertain in. In this case, too, we identify what kind of fuel source you want to use and provide solutions that meet your wishes.

Get started on your landscape design project today to have a beautiful custom outdoor kitchen designed and installed, or take a look at our other landscape design services we offer to the greater Boston and Massachusetts Bay area.