It has been said that you earn trust not only through your instincts and thoughts but by your deeds and actions.
IVY Studio is a landscape design and build consulting business based in the metro Boston area where we offer a suite of consulting services in the landscape design industry relating to outdoor expansion projects. As consultants we have an obligation to carefully consider the topic under consideration and render an opinion that is fact based. By so doing, we expose ourselves to truth and honesty and our experience sometimes this renders an opinion that is not necessarily what your client wants to hear. However, it is imperative to maintain this impartiality and not let emotions, either yours or those of your client, dictate an outcome that is not in keeping with your integrity and genuinely held feelings.
Clients come to you for a reason and if the intended outcome is not to the liking of the client, you have a duty to inform the client accordingly, enumerating the reasons based on fact based evidence. Oftentimes this will result in a decision to not move forward with this client on a project, and that is okay. Often personalities are not aligned and to move forward for financial gain in such an instance is usually a prescription for a challenging and doomed project.
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