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Being in the outdoor environment consulting business, IVY STUDIOI LLC, based in Massachusetts is always anticipating new and innovative trends for pools and spas about to hit the market. Before we reveal some of our predictions for 2018, Let us review some of the emerging trends from 2017 that made an impact and see whether these trends will continue in 2018.
• Fire Features- While not mixing in a traditional way, fire and water do complement each other rather well in an outdoor environment where the trend is to bring the indoors out and replicate the comfort creatures of home outdoors. We see more fire places, pits, and bowls that add light that sparkle on the surface of the water at night and add a sense of elegance and luxury. The addition of pizza ovens and other epicurean kitchen appliances as part of the outdoor experience is in vogue these days and this trend will continue.
• Water Features- Water features come in a myriad of options that really enhance the outdoor experience. The sound of falling water and the gorgeous visual effects create a relaxed environment. Hydrotherapy jets are not just for spas and physical therapy pools anymore and are now available for in home pools as well. These relaxing jets can transform your backyard space into an enchanted oasis and bring a sense of relaxation and peace at the same time.
• In pool ledges and loungers- In water furniture, high in style and practicality, now allows you to take advantage of sunning while simultaneously being cooled by partially being submersed in the cool water. Tanning ledges will continue to grow in popularity as the trend continues to create that resort- like experience in your own back yard. These beach entries create the same smooth walk into the water that you can expect at the ocean.
• Tile as an interior finish- traditional marcite and pebble- type interiors are on the way out in 2018. Glass and stone tiles are the material of the future. The reflective quality of glass tile against the water is near picture perfect and can be used in the entire pool or as a luxurious accent. The smoother surface is also more soothing on the bare feet.
• Pool Automation- This is an area that will continue to evolve and migrate form smartphone apps to in car and in home personal assistants like Alexa etc.
• Multi- level pool and spa patio elevation areas- low retaining walls creating bifurcated outdoor rooms for separated comfort for kids and adults. As the trend for creating the “staycation backyard” continues to grow in popularity and evolve, we predict more resort like features making their way into residential aquatic expansion projects. Multi- levels pools, swim up-bars, negative edge designs and outdoor sound and lights with lush vegetation will continue to be hot items for 2018.

• Energy efficient and green technology- This trend, be it in pool equipment like heaters, filters and pumps will continue to evolve and gain more popularity in 2018. Ditto for L.E.D. lighting, low consumption water irrigation drip-type systems, climate adaptive landscaping, solar covers and chemical free options. Being green makes an impact, lowers energy costs and is a responsible action toward ensuring a better future for the next generation.
• Outdoor furniture options- The choices available for attractive, stylish, weather resistant and comfortable outdoor furniture is one area where we see loads of new trends emerging in 2018. No longer the domain of plastic and wrought iron, new light- weight options with little maintenance required will capture the imagination of exterior designers and transform the creature comforts usually occupying indoor rooms.
• Outdoor audio entertainment technology advances- we see this as an area of evolving technology taken from arena concert audiophile companies creating outdoor home systems that create true discreet audio experiences. Right now, price is the single barrier, but stay tuned as this market evolves.