Undertaking an outdoor pool and spa project can be challenging and it is therefore highly advisable to seek out the help of a professional design firm that has experiencing designing and building pools and spas as part of an expanded outdoor environment. Usually, these type of projects are complex as the pool and spa are but one component of many others (outdoor kitchens, fencing, irrigation, landscaping & lighting) and as such, consideration of all of your desires versus budget parameters needs to be undertaken.

To help you get things into perspective and before you meet with a design professional, here are a few things to consider as you embark on your exciting and expensive outdoor aquatic project.

  1. Identify your stylistic preferences by searching the web and creating a portfolio of pictures you like. Share them with your design professional, who will better understand your likes and dislikes, style- wise.
  2. Get a copy of your property plot plan, preferably a certified copy, which will help the design professional with potential pool placement in consideration with local zoning and conservation issues. The ultimate placement of the pool is an important one and in addition to the foregoing, the topography of your lot and the natural surroundings are considered as well as issues like site lines, access to home and privacy considerations.
  3. How you plan to use your pool and spa is an important consideration. Consider many factors around your intended use of the pool and spa. Is it a lap pool intended for excercise or a recreational pool for the kids to play in? What depth should it be? Deep enough for diving or shallow enough for the kids to stand in it and play volleyball. Length of seasonal use and how you use the space around the pool are also important considerations. Will an outdoor kitchen be incorporated and if so, what appliances are required? Identifying all of these multifarious issues will help your design professional design the perfect pool and spa in the expanded outdoor environment of your dreams.
  4. Expansion of your outdoor environment is part of the equation. The pool and spa represent just one of the many building blocks in achieving an expanded outdoor environment. Your design professional will work with you and encompass all of your ideas including landscaping & irrigation, night lighting, fencing, fire pits, pool houses and cabanas etc.
  5. Pool and spa safety is paramount. Consider the layers of safety needed to protect children, guest and animals around the house by considering fencing, pool covers, regular and retractable.
  6. Environmental considerations should be explored, as today many pieces of equipment are energy efficient, conserve water, use less harmful chemicals and reduce noise. Have your design professional discuss these options with you like variable speed pumps, LED lighting and salt systems, to name but a few.
  7. Establishing a budget might be the most challenging of all the considerations, but no doubt is one of the most critical. It is imperative to identify a working budget early on in the process and articulate this to your design professional. No good comes from a design that fails to meet the budget! This also alleviates any unwanted surprises during the design phase of your project.

Considering all of the above, will be most useful when you engage your design professional who will work with you and integrate your aquatic masterpiece discreetly into an outdoor space that reflects your imaginings and creates an extended living space for an expanded lifestyle.

IVY STUDIO, LLC based in Massachusetts is a landscape design firm that focusses on planning, designing and managing outdoor pool and spa projects. Contact us to learn more about the creation of an aquatic masterpiece with a no obligation consultation. Our design professionals look forward to working with you on your pool and spa project.