How do you blend the two competing interests of Mother nature with an understanding of human nature when it comes to landscape design?
Typically, an understanding of the site you are working with will lead the way. No matter the size or the condition of the site, let it dictate the way to move forward. Then, blend the human interests of the client with the site conditions, explore the possibilities and an organic design pallet exposes the possibilities. This is why a physical site visit is so critical, somewhat Akin to that first date. Sizing up the potential before investing in it.
The design professionals at IVY Studio, a residential landscape design and build consulting firm in the greater Boston area are well equipped to work with you on your outdoor expansion project. We look at the site and then listen to your imaginings and aspirations for your property and artfully blend elements of Mother nature with your human nature and create a stunning design for years of enjoyment and memories.
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