IVY STUDIO LLC, an outdoor design and build business based in Massachusetts has redefined traditional outdoor expansion project methodology.
• Our mission statement- to provide outstanding client centric focus and attention to detail for outdoor environment expansion from design concept through project completion and beyond.
• Our process- We have a refined and proven methodology that takes care of all the details along the way and alleviates client’s stress and worry associated with construction implementation. There are multiple components and disciplines in outdoor environmental expansion projects and we filter them down to make sure that they mesh together in a seamless and choreographed fashion, resulting in a timely completion-without compromising the design aesthetic and overall quality. Our three-phase process is built on a solid foundation consisting of planning, designing and managing.
• Our goal- we are committed to providing a superb client experience when it comes to designing and building your outdoor oasis. You rest and relax while we sweat the details.
To learn more about our process, please contact us at 781-591-0300 or vern@ivystudioMA.com.