At IVY STUDIO LLC, an outdoor environment consulting firm based in Massachusetts, we are constantly looking at the latest trends in swimming pools and spas. As design professionals, we explore every surface as an opportunity to exercise our artistry and creativity and one such surface is coping. We will look at trends in coping, which is a fundamental pool and spa element that sits on top of the beam around the pool and spa. As such, it is arguably the single most noticeable part of the pool and spa.
Stone coping continues to be a popular choice, coming in many color varieties, some inexpensive and some expensive. Travertine continues to be a leading candidate because of its versatile color palette and relative ease to fabricate around any pool and spa edge. It is a limestone, tumbled and as such is relatively soft and porous and requires a sealant after installation. Other natural stones stone include granite and bluestone, both popular choices on the pools and spas we design and build.
Precast concrete coping still continues to be used, although less so than natural stone and pavers. This coping type is versatile and can be custom colored and is relatively inexpensive and on the right application looks clean and sharp.
The additional concrete paver selections available today, make this a choice that cannot be ignored. Prefabricated and designed a scoping material, this look can be sophisticated, look and feel like the more expensive natural stone choices and is generally less hot on the feet than the natural counterpart.
Finally, in the right setting a brick coping application has a place and can be aesthetically pleasing. This coping choice works well with traditional pool and spa styles and creates a classy transition from water’s edge to pool patio deck.
Exceptional custom pool and spa designs must work with the client’s preferences and style and orientation and architecture of home all play a role in selecting the right coping application. Fortunately, with our experience and the plethora of selection possibilities, we can hone in on the details like coping to create an aquatic project that is extraordinary. Contact us at 781-591-3003 or to schedule a no obligation consultation.

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