Pool, spa, plunge pool or spool? That is the question when contemplating the addition of an inground swimming pool and/or spa and one our design professionals grapple with when expanding our client’s outdoor environment with a body of water as the focal point of the expansion.
The pivotal question to ask early on in the design process revolves around intended use and the answer to this usually revolves around Family size and age of children or grand-children, if applicable. The next question is whether the pool will be used for swimming laps or merely to be used for recreation and sports, like volleyball etc. The use of a spa addition can be for relaxation and hydro therapy and the size will be a function of the number of intended users. A trend we are seeing emerge more is the plunge pool or spool, a smaller body of water than a traditional pool and larger than a traditional spa. This blends the best of both worlds and works especially well in smaller spaces.
Let our designers whet your appetite for the inclusion of a pool, spa, plunge pool or spa in your next outdoor expansion project. IVY Studio is an aquatic consulting firm based in the metro Boston region specializing in expanding outdoor environments where a body of water is the focal point. Contact us at 781-591-0300 or vern@ivystudioiMA.com.