One of the services we include at IVY STUDIO LLC a landscape design firm based in Massachusetts, is project management of your outdoor project.
Maintaining the design integrity through project implementation and completion is one of the most difficult challenges in any outdoor expansion projects. Where multiple parties and entities are involved in implementing as well as the interests of the design professional and the client, experience has taught us that having one single point of contact is the ideal method to manage the project.
There are sequencing issues that require thorough strategic mapping, not only for material requisitioning but for labor artisan booking as well. Usually these projects also involve sequential permitting along the way, which if not followed up on, can lead to project delays. The overall choreography of this type of project is critical to an on- time and on- budget completion. This is the one area that causes more project delays and failures due to lack of organization, oversight and effective communication.
These attributes are the hallmark of IVY STUDIO, LLC project management services. Let’s review each of these service components. Maintaining effective organization is a critical attribute that needs to be effectively overseen by one responsible party. This party essentially controls all others involved and as such, navigates the operation and all the participants through the various stages until the project is completed. Effective oversite by a single entity organization or party ensures that each participant is implementing according to plan and specification in the logical sequential algorithm. Catching mistakes or issues requiring changes need to be identified as early in the process as possible and solutions reviewed and implemented sooner rather than later. Here the third area of communication cannot be under estimated. The single party of contact needs to establish clearly articulated lines of constant contact between all the interested parties involved in the project- the design professional, the client, the sub-contractor artisans and the local town permitting authorities. This is a daunting task, but if managed effectively through weekly meetings, embracing real time advanced wireless technology can make the most to ensure an easy project implementation where the design integrity is maintained without compromise to the aesthetic and functional attributes.
The overall goal of IVY STUDIO, LLC’s project management services is to create a harmonious relationship between all the parties involved in expanding the client’s outdoor environment. Contact IVY STUDIO, LLC at 781-591-0300 or to learn more about our design, build and management process.