It does not matter what line of business you are in, setting realistic expectations for your client’s should be one of your most important attributes.
IVY STUDIO, LLC is a landscape design consulting firm based in Massachusetts. Amongst our suite of consulting services, we offer planning, designing and managing of outdoor environment expansion projects where a pool and spa form the focal point of the expansion. In the initial consultation, clients will often ask how long it will take to build the pool and spa expansion project.
The answer to this question is not as simple as it might appear on first blush!
While time of the year and geography play a major role in the time to build out the project, there are a number of other variable factors that will influence an honest answer to the question posed above. We have redefined traditional pool and spa building methodologies and our three phase approach is a very deliberate one. Only after the planning and designing phases have been completed in their entirety, can we, with a degree of accuracy, estimate the time it will take to complete the scope of the work embodied in the project. Depending on the complexity of the project, custom one off product selections, weather variables, permitting nuances, inspection sign offs and change orders, it is fair to say that once a project is ready to commence after design sign off, construction document and material requisitioning all set, the average length of time to compete your pool and spa project will be between 60 and 90 working days.
The one important thing we relay to all of our clients is the single fact that the pool and spa expansion project was not intended to be enjoyed for the initial season of use only. Sweating the details, ensuring the integrity of the design aesthetic through completion are the goals we strive for in every project we undertake. It may take a little longer to achieve these goals and as long as we communicate on a regular basis with the client, constantly recalibrating expectations as needed, the end result is ultimately appreciated.
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