No, this is not about Donald Trump and his book! How does art and artistic thinking and representation help close a deal when it comes to landscape design?
Our team of creative landscape designers at IVY Studio, a landscape design and build consulting business based in the metro Boston region use their artistic skills as part of their interaction with clients when designing their outdoor expansion projects. One of the biggest challenges faces client’s expectations is creating a realistic representation of what the proposed design will look like when implemented. To this end our designers utilize their artistic skills in preparing real time, animated three-dimensional perspectives that give the client a walkthrough of their property allowing for an accurate representation of how things look like from different perspectives, angles and viewing points.
The end result of this unique approach alleviates surprises after the project is complete and enhances the overall client experience! To learn more about our process incorporating creativity and art, call us at 781-591-0300 or contact us at