It can be argued that having a strategic approach to expanding your outdoor environment is a critical element to achieving success.
This is the basis of the three-stepping stone approach adopted by IVY Studio, a landscape design and build consulting firm based in Massachusetts., where we have a refined strategic approach that is based on planning, designing and implementing phases all honed for a successful integration of concepts through designing ideations through build integration.
The initial phase is the planning phase and here we believe that a clearly marked path is easy to follow. This is encapsulated in the old cliché where a good roadmap avoids a rocky road. Here we plan to arrive at creative solutions that match your goals, aspirations, objectives- and your budget. The second phase is the design phase and here our objective is to obtain a perfect fingerprint without a smudge. We are analytical and creative in our approach aiming for that distinctive design which will capture how it looks as well as how it works. The final implementation phase is where our performance standards are carved in stone. Here we supervise every phase of the implementation with experienced and dedicated artisans who are handpicked their dependability and talent to transform your grounds from blueprint to reality.
To understand our strategic approach to expanding your outdoor environment call us at 781-591-0300 or contact us at and open your door to new possibilities.