1. The Warm Embrace Of Summer

    After a long and harsh winter, there is nothing quite like the warm embrace of summer. Time to get out and enjoy the outdoors is an invigorating and exciting time! Is your outdoor environment in need of a makeover? If so, contact the creative professionals at Ivy Studio LLC, a landscape design consu…Read More

  2. The Art Of Creating Beautiful Landscapes

    The art of creating beautiful landscapes deals with the intersection of many disciplines. Architecture, topography, horticulture, design to name but a few. Perhaps the single most important discipline is that of listening. Listening to the acute needs of your client, their unique desires and aspirat…Read More

  3. More Than Just Landscaping

    THE PLANNING, DESIGNING AND IMPLEMENTING OF YOUR PERFECT OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENT It will be apparent that all the logistics have been thought out and incorporated into your design, including traffic flow, children, pets, and how your landscaping will grow in years to come. We will build a landscape that…Read More

  4. The Power of Three Dimensional Design

    Snyder-3D-Design-1-5ac2743ec0330 It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words” and this is true when it comes to showing design details in complex outdoor expansion designs. Traditional 2-D design renderings show details in a flat dimension scale and fail to convey and capture the …Read More

  5. Earning Trust

    It has been said that you earn trust not only through your instincts and thoughts but by your deeds and actions. IVY STUDIOI, LLC is a landscape design and build consulting business based in Massachusetts. We offer a suite of consulting services in the aquatic industry relating to residential pool a…Read More

  6. Pool and Spa Coping Trends

    At IVY STUDIO LLC, an outdoor environment consulting firm based in Massachusetts, we are constantly looking at the latest trends in swimming pools and spas. As design professionals, we explore every surface as an opportunity to exercise our artistry and creativity and one such surface is coping. We …Read More

  7. Epicurian Outdoor Kitchens

    Remember when an outdoor kitchen consisted of a barbeque, lighter fluid and a bag of charcoal? Times have certainly changed and today’s outdoor kitchens are planned with the same precision and detail as the indoor kitchen inside your home. IVY STUDIO LLC, based in Massachusetts, is a landscape des…Read More

  8. Vanishing, Negative-Edge Infinity Pools

    How can you inject that added visual and acoustic dimension to your backyard aquatic project? This is a question our design professionals at IVY STUDIO LLC, an outdoor environment consulting firm based in Massachusetts, grapple with when designing outdoor aquatic projects where a pool and spa are th…Read More

  9. Hot Pool and Spa Trends

    img src="https://dta0yqvfnusiq.cloudfront.net/ivyst26926154/2018/03/Forbes-Residence-5abe3bf9e825e-300x248.jpg" alt="" width="300" height="248" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-936 no-wp-caption"> Being in the outdoor environment consulting business, IVY STUDIOI LLC, based in Massachusetts i…Read More

  10. Setting Realistic Expectations- Building Your Pool & Spa

    It does not matter what line of business you are in, setting realistic expectations for your client’s should be one of your most important attributes. IVY STUDIO, LLC is a landscape design consulting firm based in Massachusetts. Amongst our suite of consulting services, we offer planning, designin…Read More